Why Wait!

Have you noticed how our brain tries to trick us into waiting for the right moment? "When I get some money I will give more to charity". "When I have more time I will become a coach". 

Or perhaps you might tell yourself I will just wait until X happens before I start doing Y such as; “I will get fit once Christmas is over”. Or maybe you make excuses like "They can afford to do that, I would do the same if I was in his or her position". 

Procrastination is one thing, making excuses to postpone something is quite different.

Timing is never going to be perfect, ask any winning athlete and they will say that they had a lot of injuries to overcome and weren't as fit as they had hoped but nevertheless they won their competition. They probably surprised themselves.

Instead of waiting, start it now. An idea comes into your head for a reason so act on it. It’s never going to be perfect timing therefore you have to make it so.