Link Your Emotions To Your Goals

I recently read a book authoerd by Dr Kerry Spackman titled The Winner's Bible. It discusses ways in which to rewire your brain. What resonated with me and with my work is that if you link emotions to goals, there is a greater chance of success.

Yesterday I posted on visualisation and how, if done alone, it doesn't work. You actually need to do something physical to accompany the visualisation. Similarly, taking physical action alone may not be all that is required to achieve your goal. (Although you might get there eventually).

The third part of the equation is what I term drive. So how do you gain drive, you use visualisation and link emotion to it. When visualising, you need to engage your emotional brain. As Kerry points out "Deep emotions make you do things". 

Visualise time and again with engaged emotions (in your mind) see it, feel it, smell it, taste it, etc. By continually doing this you will end up with unshakable beliefs and a higher likelihood of success. And I don’t mean spend half your life doing this, just whenever you feel that your brain has an ‘opening’ from the constant barrage of noise, send it a message.

Here's an analogy I use to describe in practical terms how emotions impact on your mind. Try and recall a training session that you attended outside of your workplace. If it was over 3 months ago I bet you can't even remember the title of the session let alone what was discussed or what you learnt.

However, I guarantee that you will remember where it was held and the lunch. Why? Because you had difficulty locating the venue so your emotions were engaged to ensure that you weren't late. You remember the lunch because your senses were involved while you were eating, smell, taste, etc.

That's how it works, engage as much of your brain (mind) as you can when visualising success and you will achieve your goal much faster. 

If you had asked me about this 15 years ago I would have said that you just need to get on with it, you don't need to visualise anything. I would probably have also said that you need to go and see a psychologist because you were mad. I was wrong on both counts.... 

This stuff really does work.