What Have I Learned From Animals.

There are a few things that I have learned from watching wild animals that we can use in business;

1.     The smallest does not necessarily mean the weakest - oftentimes the smallest animals have the largest heart, so too can it be in business.

2.     The runt of the litter need not remain that way - just because we are rejected and isolated need not mean that we have to stay that way, if you fight hard enough you can become stronger than the rest.

3.     There is strength in numbers - if you have a small business, collaborate with others when needed to become stronger.

4.     Natural enemies can become friends - if you reach out to your competitors you may be able to work together using each of your strengths.

5.     Biggest is not necessarily better - Smaller businesses are more flexible, can adapt quickly to the ever-changing environment, and offer value for money.

6.     Rats don't desert a sinking ship - they leave when the time is right to find a better place to survive so sometime we may have to change what we do and how we do it.

7.     A turtle on its back will keep trying - no matter how bad things get, it is important to keep going.

8.     Weak species survive with numbers - surround yourself with good people, those who care about you, who support you, who want you to succeed.

9.     Animals are loyal - be loyal to your business, to your values, and mostly to yourself.

10. Animals will fight to the death for their family – ‘familia omnia’, family is all. Fight for your family because that is the most important thing in most of our lives.

One thing animals do not do (generally), and that is kill for pleasure. Humans are the greatest risk to animals. Maybe we should stop and think before killing an animal, after all we can learn a lot from them.