I Hate Computers

More importantly, I hate computer programs. Here's why.

This morning I had to send an urgent email for my business, after logging into the 'system' I received an error message saying that I was now running an illegal program. I knew that this was not the case, I paid big money for this 'system' 12 months ago. (You can tell already that I know nothing about technology can't you). 

I panicked, I had to get this email away. I searched the ‘system’ and found that my helpdesk in this part of the world is closed. No problem, let's get onto that 24/7 online helpdesk. After a series of questions and answers (2.5 hours) I found out that I am operating on Windows 8.1 platform using Office Professional 2013. (Now I know something about the ‘system’.)

After my 2.5 hours of hair pulling, eye gouging, teeth extracting, fingernail bleeding question and answer session I was told that I would have to purchase an additional support program to continue using my computer. Apparently it is in the small print when you purchase the program, which of course I never read. Who does? 

I am a Baby Boomer. I was born in a simpler time when computers were still being invented. Our education system was simple, learn the 3Rs - reading, writing, and arithmetic. (I'm not quite sure how they became known as the 3Rs, I'll Google that later). If you had these three things nailed you were set for life. And you got most of this stuff from books, you remember, those things that adorn shelves gathering dust.

After paying for and downloading the new Office 365 program my computer still wouldn't work. It kept sending an error messages that made no sense. Back on the phone again. Luckily my son is brilliant with this stuff. He jumped on the computer, (Not literally of course, I had tried that earlier and it didn't work), and within minutes I was able to send the aforementioned important document.

I was delighted, although I had lost at least 2 years off my life expectancy I had sent the important email. A message came straight back "Hello, I am out of the office and back on Monday". What the... 

I then decided that I hate computers, I hate technology, I hate progress. Then I realised of course that I needed my computer, I needed new technology, and I needed progress. We all do. Sometimes we just have to pay for it, both in money and in time learning how to use it.