Fix Me Quickly

In today’s busy world we want everything to happen now. Unfortunately when it comes to our wellbeing, it takes time. So, is there a fast way that I can change my emotional state when I am continually feeling down and having negative thoughts? You bet.

It can take up to 80 days to change a habit, this exercise will take just 20 days to change your negative mood into a happier one. Now for the small print - if you are really struggling you need to seek professional help.

The 20-20-20 method is a proven technique that works the quickest of all resiliency techniques. Unfortunately there is a bit of work involved but when you aren't feeling the best I am sure that you will find the time.

  • Exercise - 20 minutes of exercise every day. A medium to fast-paced continuous walk is enough to get your blood circulating through your plumbing and filters a few times. The heart rate must rise to get the blood pumping. (Physical component)
  • Look Forward - 20 minutes of thinking about happy events that are coming up in your life or of thinking about your 'happy place'. This need not be continuous. Some people place stickers around their house and every time they look at one they stop for a few minutes and think about happy things. (Psychological component)
  • Laughter or Smiling - 20 minutes of laughing or smiling creates endorphins. Endorphins affect our brain positively. (Physical and psychological component)

As our brains and bodies are inextricably linked, by combining physical and psychological elements in this exercise you will get a faster result.

That's it, simple. Within 20 days of sticking to this regime you will soon see your mood lift.