I Want To Be Unhappy

I have had enough of being happy, I now want to be sad. Posting each day about ways to make myself happy is making me too happy. It is so difficult being happy, let's see if I can make myself sad for a change;

·        Start worrying about everything - Even the smallest thing can make me worry and I know that once I start to worry about the little things my brain will soon start worrying about everything. Perfect.

·        Hang around with negative people - The ones who talk about others behind their back, who spread rumours, who haven't a good thing to say about anyone or anything. That'll make me sad.

·        Avoid happy things and happy people - I don't want to fill my brain with happy things so best avoid anything happy. Who needs a balanced life anyway? Good choice.

·        Drink more alcohol - I know that this technique will initially make me happy but I also know that alcohol is a depressant so if I drink too much I will be sad tomorrow. Work through the happy to become sad. Good choice.

·        Eat more sugar - Just like alcohol, I am going to feel good while I am eating lots of it, the bonus is that I will feel terrible when I crash and the additional weight that I put on will make my unhappy. You beaut.

·        Stay up late - Sleep, it's overrated. Eight hours, rubbish. I am going to stay up late because that will make me less attentive and grumpy as hell tomorrow. Excellent.

·        Stay at home - If I go out I am bound to meet people who want to talk to me. That isn't going to happen. 

·        Avoid sunlight - Apparently sunlight has a vitamin that makes me happy. Nope, not going to do that unless I am going to stay in the sun for a long time and get burnt. Don’t even start on how sunlight produces melatonin needed to get a good night’s sleep.

·        Watch sad movies - There is enough happiness going on in my life, I am going to fill it with sad things, remember. Another good choice.

·        Watch my sports team lose, again - That will definitely make me feel sad, angry, and depressed all at the same time. That'll be first on my list. Then I can keep getting sad and angry and depressed by talking about the game with my mates. Oh, that's right, I am not going out so I won't have any mates.

·        Don’t exercise – I know how exercise always makes me feel happy, even a 30 minute walk wakes me feel happier. Avoid exercise at all costs will be my new mantra. After all, we only have so many breathes.

This negative stuff is easy, I will become unhappy in no time. Maybe I should post about this stuff more often, it is easier to write about than that happy rubbish.

Or I could do the opposite of what I have listed, and maybe keep myself happy forever.