Has Technology Helped Us?

I have always been one who likes to be busy. I got so busy at one point that I lost sight of the bigger picture and fell over as a result of not taking time out or looking after myself. 

We are definitely doing more, learning more, communicating more (electronically), and are more productive than we were 30 years ago. But has technology helped us or hindered us?

I for one believe that technological advances are a great thing, particularly with mobile phones. I enjoy FaceBook and Twitter. I love reading posts on LinkedIn. I haven't quite got Instagram, but I know that I will probably have to.

That being said, I have found that these gadgets (there's a word you don't hear much these days), have hindered my life. I feel compelled to write a blog each day, I feel I have to read as many posts as I can so that I don't miss out on something, and I absolutely have to check FB every hour or so, just in case.

If I am in a building where I can't access the internet I will go outside during breaks to gain access just to keep up-to-date. If I have an early start I will write my post the night before to send off in the morning so that I won't disappoint my followers. I will carry my phone with me at all times just in case someone wants to call me. 

Well, tonight it changes for me, I am going to send off the post now. I am not going on FB after 8pm. I will not get an e-reader because I want to hold a book. I won't sign up for Instagram because I don't need it.

Great you say, he is following what he teaches. Yep, for today I will do just that. Tomorrow my brain will suck me back into the technology bombardment and the addiction that it brings. And I will enjoy it.

Has technology helped us, there is no doubt that it has. We just need to monitor how and when we use it.