I Hate Mondays!

Unless you are one of those lucky people who really enjoys their job, you are probably prone to Mondayitis. What is it about the first day of the week that most of us don't enjoy and is there a way of changing this? 

As someone who has worked rotating shifts, started the week on different days, and now doesn't really have to start work on a Monday, I know that it is not Monday that is the problem. It's the first day of the working week that is the problem. But you already knew that.

The main cause of Monday blues is that are not enjoying your job, you are not getting any satisfaction in what you are doing. Get a new job I hear people saying. Well, what if you can't get a new job?

Here are some ways that might help you to get over Mondayitis;

1.     On Friday, leave as little work as possible for Monday. Because we just want to get out of the office on Friday we tend to delay the worst jobs until Monday. Do them on Friday when you are feeling good about the weekend coming up.

2.     Also on a Friday afternoon, make a list of what you have to achieve the next week so that you know on Monday what you have to do. Don't forget to add the jobs that make you happy to the list.

3.     Don't check your work emails or do any work 'stuff' over the weekend. Weekends are for you to enjoy and to forget about work.

4.     Go to bed early on a Sunday night to get plenty of rest for the week ahead. We tend to delay going to bed on Sunday night in a futile attempt to delay the inevitable, Monday morning.

5.     Dress as though you mean it. If you look professional you will behave professionally. Wear clothes that you enjoy wearing, save your best 'Sunday best' for Monday.

6.     If you can, avoid meetings on a Monday. Government departments are great at holding meetings on Mondays. Try and get them changed to a Tuesday. No one likes meetings let alone on a Monday. If you have to hold a meeting on a Monday, make them quick, set a time and stick to it.

7.     Look ahead to something pleasant. It may be something coming up during the week, or next weekend, or perhaps longer term. When you feel a bit down, thinking about happy things will change your mind-set.

8.     Don't procrastinate over jobs that have to be done on a Monday. Get them done as quickly as you can. Do them first in fact.

9.     Make someone else happy. Open a door, make them a coffee, pay them a compliment, do something for someone else and watch what happens to your mood when they thank you.

10. Be positive. There it is, the biggest one that you can do. Personally, I don't like to use the word positive because for me it gives the impression of people living their life away from reality. I prefer to say, be optimistic. Whatever word you like, think that way. Research tells us that if we think happy thoughts we can change our attitude. 

Monday is just another day, albeit it is the start of the working week. If it wasn't for Monday you couldn't start your week and then you wouldn't get paid for that week! You need Monday, Monday is here to stay. Embrace Monday, get stuck in to it and know that it is you who needs to change.