I'm Fine, I'm OK.

When was the last time that you asked someone how they were doing and their reply was "I'm fine", or "I'm okay". The chances are that they aren't fine or OK.

In my resilience work I have met many people who are struggling. I always ask this same question. I am yet to meet someone who answers with either I'm fine or I'm okay and who isn't fine or OK.

If you think about it, what do you usually say when asked how you are or how is your day going. Generally we answer with "Good thanks" or "Great" or "Busy". Something other than "I'm fine".

The next time someone answers you with these two short replies, stop for a moment and talk with them. If you have the time, sit down and have a coffee. Chances are they will tell you what their trouble is and you will have made a huge difference in their life. 

So, how are you doing?