Where Do You Squeeze The Toothpaste Tube?

It is said that the way we go about our mundane tasks at home is a reflection on how we behave at work. I was sceptical on this, but after some thought maybe this is something to consider in more detail.

Having nothing to think about for a few seconds this morning, my brain went off in a direction that I never would have consciously gone. Squeezing paste from a toothpaste tube. Is where we squeeze the toothpaste out from the tube a reflection on our work habits?

I squeeze at the bottom of the tube so that the toothpaste is pushed along towards the top. Then I roll the tube as I go as it is much tidier that way. Plus, my heritage tells me that I must use every bit of paste that I paid for. At work I am the same. Some say I have OCD because the office is always clean and tidy and I use every last piece of whatever resource I purchase. If I start something I finish it and always have a paperless desk. I look after everything I have. I am fastidious in my work habits. I also care about people.

I know a few people who squeeze the toothpaste tube in the middle. At work they are usually in a bit of a rush, grab the first thing that comes to hand and use it however they like, and generally their office is untidy yet functional. If something breaks they will give it to someone else to fix. However, they often go back and tidy things just like they have to do with the toothpaste tube, go back and squeeze from the bottom of the tube to get more paste. This makes the world right again.

I also know a few people who squeeze the toothpaste tube at the top, right beside the opening. (If you are wondering by now, I spent 6 months in barrack accommodation). These people just grab the tube and squeeze from the top because there is less effort, the paste is right there, and they don't have to think about it. They let others push the paste to the top for them. At work they are the same, they never put paper in the photocopier, never put another pot of coffee on and never ever wash their own cup because someone else can do that for them. If something breaks it is thrown in the bin.

So where do you squeeze the toothpaste from?