Life Changes, Move On.

Everything can change in an instant. The impact of the change for some can be absorbed or dismissed yet for others it can be devastating.  I cringe when I hear people say, "life changes so deal with it."  Or "sh*t happens, move on."  For some it is not that simple.  For some these statements are meaningless and may be hurtful. 

Those who have been or are suffering from a brain sickness (mental illness) it is never easy to move on and change adds more to their burden.  I am always espousing the benefits of positive thinking in my genuine desire to help people.  Yet I know it might not help the people I want to help the most, the people who are struggling with depression.

Those of you who have been kindly following my blogs will know that I always look for positives and try to be optimistic.  That's what I have found works for me to stay well.  For those who are deep in the mire with their head in a bad place, they have difficulty in seeing a way out of their problems.  They struggle just to get through each minute of each hour of each day. 

I must always remind myself that when I am speaking to an audience I am making big assumptions. I am assuming that everyone in the audience is in a good space yet I should know that some won't be. Perhaps that's why they have come to listen to me talk or to read my blog, to try something different.

The next time you hear someone tell another person to move on, to get a grip, to harden up, think about both people. Think about the ignorant one who is making big assumptions or is unaware that their statement may cause more harm than good despite their best intentions.  And think about the person who is listening to this statement and may not be able to move on.

Life can be equally good and bad, sh*t does happen sometimes. When it does, do your best to look for the positives and hang in there to see what else happens.  You just never know, it might surprise you.