Will You Be My Friend?

Yesterday I had three meetings to further my business prospects.  Two meetings were with people I had planned to meet as I already had been in contact with them through previous contact, one meeting came out of nowhere.

I was reluctant to go to that particular meeting as I had not meet the young lady and it seemed to me that the meeting was probably a waste of time for us both.  However, I learned many years ago before I commenced my own business that you just never know where these meetings may take you.

The meeting yesterday originated from LinkedIn. After connecting, we exchanged a couple of messages and left it at that.  Because there was this connection, I was again contacted by Maria who thought I might like to work for one of her clients.  I was reluctant to meet, "I don't think she has any idea of what I do" I told myself.

On the day of our meeting I received a message from Maria saying that her client was reconsidering his position and did I want to delay the meeting until she had confirmation to proceed.  No, let's meet anyway.  This was my chance to tell her that she is way off track, I have no interest in what her client is offering, but thanks anyway.

We met.  Maria immediately said that she did not think I was the right person for her client and went off on a slight tangent to what the meeting was originally organised for.  What transpired was that there was synergy with my work and that of her client and there is a possible opportunity of working collaboratively in the future.

Will I meet with this client, you bet. You just never know where these things will lead you.  So, extend your network, go to that meeting, and talk to as many people as you can.  Plant the seed and you will grow.