Is It Really Time For A Change?

I often read posts promoting messages such as "If you don't like your job, change it", or "Life is too short, get a job that you enjoy", or "Go and get your dream job", or "Time to take the leap of faith, just go for it!"

This is a great message and one that I followed. However, there are those who are unable to change their job for many reasons. They may not have the necessary skills, talent, financial independence, security, or drive to take that suggested leap. What should these people do? 

My advice for those who can't change their job is to change the way they do it. It makes no difference what type of job you have, there is always other ways of doing it or things to do at work to make it different.

Come up with some new/better ways of doing what you do and see if you can get things changed. If it is impossible to makes these changes, then here are some other aspects to consider;

·        Change the time that you do your job - get out of regular patterns of behaviour.

·        Challenge yourself to become more productive - try and produce more each day/week/month.

·        Do something different during your breaks - sit with different people, go for a walk, sit in the sun, read books, play cards, search the internet, etc.

·        Introduce new things to do after work - go for a walk, go to the gym, cook dinner, join a club.

·        Find ways to have fun during work - celebrate birthdays and special events, create something to give to charity, hold inter-office challenges, hold a sausage sizzle.

So often we get into a routine and that is what makes our job boring and uninspiring, monotony. Monotony creates boredom which causes job-fatigue.

Our brain likes to be challenged, it likes to learn new things and importantly it likes curiosity. Curiosity creates excitement and excitement produces motivation.

So, if you can't change your job, change something about the way that you do it.