STOP - Make A List

Lists are good for many reasons, here are just three reasons why you should start making lists;

1.      Your brain needs a list to reduce stress - When we write something down, a myriad of things happens in our brain. We engage our logic brain and disengage our emotional brain, we stop our brain from exaggerating complex issues, we relax at night knowing that we have our list for the busy day tomorrow, we are able to let things go much easier, and lists bring us back to reality.

2.     We know where we are and where we need to head to - A list will provide you with your current position at work. Record how much work you have to do and then take another look at the list once completed. Is it really as much work as you thought it was, I bet not. Half the battle at work is that we think that we are busy because we are overwhelmed with information about different things flowing to us at the same time. Furthermore, if your list is a long one, when your boss asks you to undertake more work you can show her/him your list and ask them in which order you want the work completed.

3.     Lists help lodge problems into our subconscious - Because we have been writing things down for generations, our brains have become competent at working on problems when we aren't consciously thinking about them. Write it down, think about it, and forget it. The solution will come to you when you are either doing a physical activity, in the shower, or between 3 and 4 am during our 'creative hour' in the sleep cycle.

Stop worrying, fretting, and stressing. Make a list and relax.