What Would A True Friend Do?

Sorry ladies, this post is for men. You are welcome to read it however you already know this stuff so I don’t want to bore you.

We know that men die on average 4 years sooner than women, are over-represented in depression (2 to 1), and are over-represented in suicide (3.5 to 1).  

So why is it that the stats are skewed against men? In my humble opinion, men;

·        don't look after themselves in the same way that women do.

·        go into denial when they are under pressure or unwell.

·        ignore the early tell-tale signs of ill-health.

·        don't like to share how they are 'feeling' inside.

·        don't like to burden others with their problems.

·        believe that they can cope with whatever life throws their way.

Again in my opinion, it all comes down to our wiring. Men's evolutionary brain was wired so that we had to go to work each day regardless of our health, physical and/or mental.

In early times we would hunt, eat, and sleep. Hunting was our main preoccupation which we had to do to provide the essentials for our family. Nothing has changed these days, at least that is what our brain still tells us.

Men need to know that;

·        women are just as capable as men are at providing for their family. 

·        women are surviving longer because they go to the doctor when they are unwell.

·        women talk to their friends when they have a problem without fear of reprisal or of being judged.

·        women listen to their friends, don't try to solve, and offer advice only if it is asked of them.

I would like to think that if a friend came to me with a problem, I would be like a woman about it. I would let him vent, I would listen as he told me how he felt, I would not be afraid or think less of him if he cried, I would listen in silence without judgement, and I would simply be there for him if he needed a confidante.

Importantly, I would share something personal with him. Not to burden him with my troubles, but to have a mutual bond. A 'man bond'.