Holistic Approach to Support Consultants

Few people outside of a contact centre, front desk, or a sales floor understand the pressure customer service consultants face on a daily basis. From the angry to the sad, the quiet to the bad, consultants handle them all. As an example, I heard of a senior manager at a large corporation question why they required OSH policies for their contact centre staff as there was nothing to fall over or bang into!

Those of us that are in the customer service industry know the pressure consultants face. Dealing with difficult callers, striving to reduce their average handling times, attempting to meet their monthly performance measures, assisting junior staff, and the myriad of other pressures.

Building personal resilience is just one way of supporting your staff. Praise, professional development and external opportunities are other ways. Taking a holistic approach to support your customer service consultants will result in professional practices, engaged staff, minimal stress and a great customer journey. The rewards will be boundless.