Why do we Worry

Worry is related to fear and was important for self-preservation in early times and linked to our freeze, fight, or flight response to danger.  We had to be alert to survive.  Over time, while it is still necessary to have this alertness, it is not as important as it was for earlier life or death situations.  Unfortunately we forgot to tell our brain that!  The legacy remains with us.

Your brain is still wired in that early survival mode therefore 'it' will think negative thoughts (refer my previous blog).  I read somewhere that 90% of what we fear never eventuates and what does eventuate is not nearly as bad as we thought would occur.  I also read that over 90% of stats are made up, including this one.

What I can accurately say is that worry is unhelpful and if we let it get on top of us will make life very miserable.  Don't worry.  Easy for me to say who worries that the sun won't rise each day.  Perhaps it is better to say, try not to worry too much.  Put things into perspective, what is the very worst that can happen and is it actually a real possibility.  Doubtful I am sure.

Blame your brain when when your worst fears don't come to fruition.