So you Want to Change?

It's only been four days since Christmas yet the excitement is growing for what 2015 will hold. New Year is a great time to reset your goals and to look for ways in which to improve yourself. For those adventurous enough, why not take the ultimate leap and start your own business?

From someone who has been an employee for over 40 years I can tell you to expect mixed emotions. There is excitement about the prospects, anticipation of work, satisfaction as you achieve milestones, and most of all the one emotion you will encounter daily is fear. Fear of the unknown, fear of failure, fear of loss of confidence, fear that you will lose everything. Fear is a necessary part of life, it keeps us from doing dumb things. Unfortunately fear can also hold us back.

Of all of the hundreds of self-improvement books and biographies by famous (rich) people that I have read, all espouse the virtue of 'giving it a go'. "Easy for them" I hear you say, "they are rich". "They don't know my current circumstances - I have a mortgage, children to feed, elderly to care for, pets to look after, a student loan to repay, etc., etc., etc". I can tell you that every one of them said the same thing before they started, each had their own roadblock to surmount.

I do not know where my new career path will take me, all I know is that at least I 'gave it a go'. What's the worst that can happen? I may have to go back to being an employee. So, if you feel like jumping on the roller-coaster of emotions then take the leap yourself, start your own business. You don't want to be left wondering "what if".