Find Your Own Life Preserver

In todays hectic world we get so tied up (down) with work and home life that we forget to stop and take a deep breath.  As someone with their own business, I find myself thinking about work when I should be relaxing and resting the brain. 

So how do we find the time and what should we do to keep our heads above the rising waters?  I heard a psychologist say that a walk along the beach is great for relaxation.  I guess it would be if you have the time but what about those who simply need to get things done, can't get away from the office, or don't live near a beach?

The answer is to take your mind there.  Get out of the office and go for a short walk around the block, sit outside in the sun, or just sit at your desk and think about that walk along the beach.  The more realistic that you can make it, the better.  Feel the wet sand under your feet, hear the waves crashing on the beach, smell the salty air.

If you do this regularly enough you will trick your brain into believing that you really are at the beach and it will become much easier each time you do it.  You will be relaxed in no time at all.