Resilient Leadership

Aimed at Team Leaders, Managers, and Executives, you will learn techniques that promote resilient behaviour;


  • Make immediate decisions in crisis situations
  • Take responsibility for your own actions and those of your team
  • Act with integrity and according to company values
  • Communicate effectively in a variety of situations - meetings, presentations, media
  • Build a resilient culture amongst your staff
  • Show optimism in times of change and poor morale
  • Operate effectively in a political environment
  • Utilise good stress management techniques
  • Identify the signs of stress in your staff and know what to do to to assist them

Business Outcomes

  • Leaders with the ability to take immediate action in times of crisis
  • Reinforced company values integrity
  • Leaders who act with integrity
  • Positive attitude amongst all staff
  • Operate effectively as a resilient team in varying situations

Advanced Communications

Aimed at Team Leaders, Managers, and Executives, you will learn advanced communications techniques to;


  • Control emotions during peer to peer, supervisor, and similar work meetings
  • Hold successful performance management meetings
  • Communicate efficiently across all generations
  • Learn the difference between positive, assertive, and aggressive communication styles
  • Communicate and manage change - engage those who are against change
  • Present confidently during meetings and in front of an audience
  • Manage crisis communications - public relations in times of crisis using the CAP approach

Business Outcomes

  • Reduced tension during difficult conversations
  • Ability to actively de-escalate angry and emotional people when others have failed
  • Ability to provide dynamic presentations
  • Increased confidence in front of others

Executive Programme

This workshop is tailored to meet the needs of senior managers and executives.  You will learn all of the techniques listed in our foundation and advanced courses so that you have a wide overview of every aspect of communications in your work environment.   


  • Identify the key elements of engaged communications
  • Recognise how to structure challenging conversations
  • Communicate effectively across all generations
  • Learn how to prepare and plan for meetings, briefings, media interviews and similar events
  • Confidently undertake complaints and personnel investigations
  • Control your emotions during difficult encounters
  • Manage threats of harm to your personal safety
  • Have a greater safety and security awareness when travelling

Business Outcomes

  • Increased engagement with less stress
  • Reduced tension in difficult communications
  • Greater structure to your meetings and presentations
  • Enhanced personal safety
  • Resilient leadership skills
  • Less stress

As with all of our programmes, you can combine topics from any other course to cover exactly what you want to cover without unneeded content or cost.

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