Select From Our List of Major Topics

The following is a list of the major topics that we can cover for you and your teams at all levels;

  • The brain and how we process information – emotions, biases, gender differences, over-thinking, and worry.
  • Communicating in challenging situations – the angry, the sad, the swearers, and the aggressors.
  • The Triple A© technique – managing the things that people continually say and do that annoy us, termed the pinch points.
  • The Triple Sentence© technique – delivering difficult messages, how to commence and continue challenging conversations.
  • Dealing with other communication challenges – conversing with those who; won’t talk, are untruthful, have English as a second language, the abusers, the bullies, those who threaten harm, those who are struggling, etc.
  • Getting the best out of interviews and longer conversations – using the investigative interview process.
  • Generational differences in communications – quickly gaining rapport with the five generations.
  • Using body language techniques to deescalate and engage – controlling micro-expressions, how to stand and sit, focusing attention.
  • Handling and managing change – overcoming the obstacles to change.
  • Personal safety – the benefits of preparation, situational awareness, overcoming complacency, and being alert to danger.
  • Utilising teamwork in health & safety – holding each other to account, supporting others, and engaging teams.
  • Preparing for emergencies – how to prepare for emergencies, civil and criminal, and how to intuitively respond to any situation.
  • Motivating teams – using targets, goal-setting, variation, coaching, etc.
  • Work/life balance – listing the common challenges and identifying how to overcome them.
  • Changing mindsets – changing from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset.
  • Learned optimism – bringing perspective to nagging personal problems.
  • Goal wheel – how to strengthen an area of your life without losing momentum on other parts of your life.
  • Personal resilience – simple techniques to overcome life’s challenges and increase ‘hardiness’.

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