What does W.A.R.N. stands for?


Our business is based around the following words:



Managing workplace pressure and stress

WARN’s focus is on the brain – how it works, why it works the way it does, and how to overcome the negative impact of the fight-or-flight response that occurs many times across the day in our work and home life.


Identifying SAFETY RISKS in challenging situations.

Firstly being aware of ourselves, then of others, and of our surroundings – these three things are the cornerstones that will keep us safe - physically, mentally and emotionally.



Techniques for support during and after times of crisis, unplanned events, and change.

Buoyancy is our preferred term. Life will sometimes put obstacles in our way and may even cause us to fall – it is whether we get back up and how quickly we do so that defines our buoyancy.


Enhanced communication skills for use in any situation.

Communication and negotiation – Building empathy and rapport allows us to manage others effectively in difficult and challenging conversations, it is all part of socialisation.

Our courses and corporate direction is based on these words and their meanings.