With over 30 years working in a range of administrative/secretarial roles, Donna brings a wealth of experience to our operational planning, scheduling, accounts, and control of the administrative tasks. She is here to assist you with all of your initial inquiries to ensure that your unique requirements are met as soon as possible



Coming from a background in support roles and accounting, Haley heads our eLearning programme as well as managing our public events. As a Gen-Y, she thinks laterally to overcome any obstacles to make it easy for you to introduce our eLearning video programmes into your organisation. If you would like to have a chat about how our eLearning programmes can work for your organisation, or to talk about an event with WARN International, please contact Haley


Our newest team member, Danielle, joined WARN in May 2019 bringing with her 13 years of contact centre experience from the Police Emergency Communication Centre. Her practical knowledge and understanding of the high-pressure call centre environment help identify gaps in employee personal development, and ensure staff are leading fulfilled lives both inside and outside of the workplace.


Josh initially trained as a motor technician for BMW and was drawn to the technological aspect of his work. Asked to join WARN International at the founding of our business, Josh is responsible for our science-focussed research that forms the foundation of our work.