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Why Choose WARN?


Flexibility - We modify all of our programs to ensure that your exact needs are met, no two programs are ever the same.  Sessions run from one hour through to two days.  We can integrate your existing programs into our own so that you get exactly what you need, not what we think that you need.  We deliver the program when you want it delivered - weekends or night shifts. These are not off-the-shelf one size fits all programs, they cover your exact requirements.

Fast and efficient delivery - we can run up to three coaching sessions in a single day.

Immediacy of inquiry - We guarantee a return of your calls or messages within 24 hours.  Plus, you talk directly to the business owner who has an obvious interest in ensuring your inquiry is answered promptly.  

High return on investment - Our programs have been proven to be more effective than current programs because they are easy to recall and there is no unneeded topics to cloud the important points.  Sessions are not drawn out therefore every piece of information is retained and recalled when needed.  

Academic learning is no substitute for experience - Lance has been at the forefront of communications and resilience as a front-line practitioner supported with strong academic qualifications directly related to his expertise.

Network of associates - We have a list of trusted associates who support our courses through an e-learning platform that enables delegates to embed the coaching program without the need to run additional workshops.

Our programs combine theory and practice to give you a comprehensive resolution to your needs. We utilise researched based, industry tested, applied techniques that work.