Investigations & Interviews

This course is aimed at those people who conduct internal investigations such as HR practitioners, complaint investigators, and health & safety managers. This program is a modified version of the PEACE model used internationally in law enforcement.

Content includes;

  • Determining the type of investigation - criminal, civil, or complaint.
  • Planning the phases of the investigation - what to look for and when to look for it using a check list.
  • Assessing risk - legal, moral and ethical considerations.
  • Gathering evidence - What is evidence, how should it be managed, and determining the value.
  • Conducting interviews - How to structure interviews, key questions to ask, how to get the right information.
  • Assessing the evidence - What is helpful and what needs to be ignored.
  • Legal issues - What are the considerations, is the bill of Rights applicable, and what are the HR implications.
  • Compiling reports - How to structure a final report.
  • Completion of files - How to complete a file to ensure the privacy and civil implications are negated.

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