We are frequently speaking with organisations and individuals who seek help with communication, safety, personal resilience, and general questions.  WARN International has partnered with an expert in learning services, and we now have a series of 14 interactive eLearning courses available.  When completing these courses, you can expect to learn transferable skills on our major topics, receive downloads as you progress, refer back to the course even after completion and can access the courses from any device.


The list of courses below, are available as an annual per learner licence, with the cost depending on how you want your WARN eLearning programme to look, and the number of learners completing the course. If you already have a learning management system, talk to us about SCORM package options.

The team at WARN International are happy to help you with any questions you may have and advise you on the best course option to fit your particular requirements.

To contact us you can use our Messenger Chat system that is loaded in the bottom right of your screen, or click on the “Learn More” button below:

Our FAQ Section has a number of answers to the more common questions our customers ask about our e-Learning packages. You can find the FAQ Section at the bottom of this page, or click here

Programme Options


Personal Resilience

A personal resilience programme providing the tools to “get you into a good mindset“ before moving on with how to tackle challenging conversations. Look after yourself before you look after others. It includes 5 x 20-minute interactive eLearning courses covering; breathing, emotions and the brain, how to stop worrying and break habits, bringing structure to your day and personal resilience techniques. This programme educates about the brain, wellness and stress management; supporting better decision-making skills and an overall stronger mindset.


Challenging Conversations

This programme includes 6 x 20-minute interactive eLearning courses about the many aspects of communicating in challenging situations. The courses in this package cover; unconscious and confirmation bias, dealing with emotional people, dealing with annoying statements, contemporary use of traditional active listening skills, generational differences in communication and the importance of body language. Although useful in many customer service scenarios, this is also very relevant in dealing with colleagues, team members and can be beneficial to take home for use in more personal situations.


Safety at Work

A short but informative package consisting of 3 x 20-minute interactive eLearning courses. This package provides important and relevant skills for staying safe both in the office and for staff heading out on the road. The courses cover team work in workplace health and safety, personal safety for branch and field staff and situational awareness. As with all our courses, these are again transferable skills that can be taken home to keep you safe outside of the workplace.


Customised Package

Our programmes are put together in a way that carries the learner from one course to the next. However, we understand this might not suit your needs. We can put your own tailored programme together to better suit your organisation, with a choice of 14 courses available. Additionally, we are continually adding to our library of courses and will construct a course according to your requirements.

We have setup a demo of the course to allow you to experience our e-learning packages. This demo is on “The Brain - Emotions & Breathing“, please click on the button below to visit our demo course.

Frequently Asked Questions

+ How do most organisations choose to put their eLearning programme together?

It depends on the size and structure of the organisation. Some prefer to purchase the courses as a SCORM package as they are larger and already have an Learning Management System in place. Others purchase on a per annual licence basis as they have limited employees, or they want access to the latest updates we provide.

+ How do I buy these courses for my organisation?

Send us an email with the number of employees in your organisation, what you would like to achieve from our e-Learning courses and we can go from there!

+ I need a course or video made on something else. Is this an option?

Yes! If you purchase the full package on an annual licence, we can look at getting a course produced in an area we have expertise in for you if we are missing a topic you require. This will be at our expense as we can add it to our library of options for other organisations. If you need it, others probably will too!

+ I’m not sure e-Learning is the best for my organisation, do you do workshops or seminars?

Yes! Lance Burdett, our founder and expert can put together a presentation for you. Some organisations like to combine eLearning and a keynote presentation from Lance as an overall wellness programme for their staff. Get in touch to find out more or view our programme list here.

+ I’m aware of new Health and Safety regulations and want to make sure I have a mental health programme in place for my employees. Will this help?

We currently provide training to the employees of some organisations who enforce these regulations around the health of employees. This means you can be sure the training your staff are provided is approved.

+ Can I see who has and hasn’t completed the course, or where the learner is up to?

Yes! When purchasing on a per licence basis, you get access to full reporting of the courses. We can even monitor this for you if required.

+ I love the overview, I’ve completed the demo and I think this could really benefit our organisation. How much does a course or programme cost?

Unfortunately, with the number of options available, providing an estimate could be misleading and inaccurate. We have several pricing options which depend on the number of courses / programmes purchased, the format they are purchased in and the number of learners completing the course. Click here to get in touch with our team for pricing options.

+ I don’t really want a training programme placing a dent in my staff training budget, but we do need this for our organisation. What are the billing options?

Annual or monthly billing options are available to save your accounts team any headaches!

+ I don’t think eLearning will suit my organisation, I just want the videos. Is this an option?

Absolutely. The courses are a better way to learn and experience the knowledge hands on, but in some cases the videos might be the best way forward. Get in touch to find out how we can help!